To develop and maintain statewide financing programs which provide for and maintain access to the broadest range of low-cost capital financings for eligible non-profit private and public institutions as well as for-profit small manufacturing facilities. MFFA financing programs will promote affordable access to and availability of goods and services for the consumer.

Goals & Objectives

Montana Department of Commerce 2017 Biennium Goals & Objectives (PDF)


Financing Programs

  • Maintain policies providing for staff loan and grant approval
  • Maintain policies providing for grant awards
  • Maintain program criteria for financing elderly services
  • Notify all community service providers of direct loan programs
  • Provide comparative post-issuance reports to borrowers

Marketing Activities

  • Publish and distribute an Authority program information brochure
  • Present Authority programs at MHA conventions
  • Sponsor and present Authority programs at HFMA conventions
  • Maintain an Authority webpage
  • Prepare and mail quarterly newsletter for borrowers and interested clients

Educational Activities

  • Attend national educational seminars and conferences
  • Participate in regional board member educational retreats

Advocacy Activities

  • Mail post-bond issuance letters to applicable legislators
  • Promote applicable tax legislation in the state and federal arenas
  • Recommend financing initiatives to the executive and legislative branches

Operational Activities

  • Levy fees and charges that fund the Authority's operational costs as well as build its financial reserves to meet its current and contingent obligations
  • Recruit and educate staff and Board members

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