Enhance Montana healthcare and community capabilities through access to cost effective capital financing and development services.


The MFFA holds the following values as important to the achievement of its mission.  These values guide our internal conduct and relationships with our partners.

  • Accessibility
  • Accountability
  • Community
  • Effectiveness 
  • Relationships
  • Self-sustaining
  • Nimble

Goals & Objectives

The MFFA outlines its goals and objectives in detail in its 2019 Strategic Plan

Goal #1 Strategize

Devise strategies to provide cost-effective capital financing programs and development services for eligible facilities to improve healthcare and community wellness capabilities across Montana.

Goal #2 Outreach

Educate clients, policy makers, and the public about the benefits and importance of programs and services offered by the authority.  Support facility and community development by promoting good public policy, advocating for clients, and supporting planning and development efforts.

Goal #3 Expansion and Adaptation

Maintain and enhance operational effectiveness and organizational integrity by expanding and adapting organizational capacity, staff expertise, and administrative systems to meet the requirements of program strategies and outreach efforts.

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