Energy Efficiency Program 

The purpose of the Energy Efficiency Program ("EEP") is to assist Montana healthcare facilities identify energy efficiency savings and provide an opportunity to significantly reduce operating costs while upgrading capital systems. The Montana Facility Finance Authority provides funding for the audits which are administered and conducted by the National Center for Appropriate Technologies (NCAT).

Apply for up to $15,000 toward an audit and learn how to start saving on your energy costs!

Available to nonprofit organizations such as:

Hospitals, Senior Living Facilities, Group Homes, Prerelease Facilities, Clinics

Top Reasons to Apply: 

  • Audits performed by a professional engineer
  • Receive a full report with recommendations
  • Upgrade your facility with optimal technology
  • Reduce operating costs over time
  • Average savings potential: $210,000 over 15 years

Every grant requires a 10% financial match from the participating applicants. The match is used to fund future energy efficiency grants throughout Montana.

Application Process

An eligible hospital interested in obtaining an Energy Efficiency grant should download the Grant Application Package here and submit it to For questions or comments, reach out to Seth Lutter, Associate Director at 406.444.5435.

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